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Parkour Adventure is inspired by the original model of parkour training: community jams! Kids create movement challenges and games while exploring different locations, giving them the freedom to navigate their own parkour training while learning risk assessment and technique cooperatively from their coaches. Our Winter Semester includes Parkour Playground Design at our Indoor Space. We always teach how to train safely outdoors whenever possible, but if it is too harsh outside we will use our parkour pop-up kit to learn about designing spaces that inspire movement from our indoor space at 440 Lafayette. Parkour's emphasis on incremental progression and reflection help students develop healthy strategies for overcoming mental and emotional hurdles as well. By training together, kids build stronger teams, friendships, and self-awareness. Parkour Adventure is based out of our outdoor neighborhoods, but students can attend on any day by meeting at the space rather than the neighborhood pick up.
Date Tuesday January 15, 2019
Time 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location 440 Lafayette Meet-up map
Staff Mike Araujo

This class has already passed, but there are plenty more going on now. Please check a current class for more info.

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